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Car Accident Chiropractor La Quinta, CA

Auto accidents can be life-altering in many ways leading to injuries such as whiplash, musculoskeletal injuries, neck and back injuries, or soft tissue injuries. For many people involved in auto accidents the simple sprains and strains will heal by themselves with no need for medical treatment. However the vast majority of people have been involved in an car accident suffer from continuing neck and back pain, shoulder and arm pain, hip and leg pain and much more.

Car Accident Chiropractor La Quinta, CA

If you do not get the proper care following an auto accident this could lead to serious and permanent damage to your spine resulting in chronic pain for months and years. These types of injuries commonly cause tearing of ligaments, muscles and tendons which could cause vertebrae in your spine to become misaligned resulting in pinched nerves. If these spinal misalignments are not properly evaluated and realigned by an experienced chiropractor this could lead to chronic pain potential surgery in the future. Painkillers can provide temporary immediate relief of your symptoms however many painkillers can become addictive and difficult to break the addictive cycle.

A chiropractic evaluation will identify the misaligned vertebra and with gentle treatments designed to realign the spine can provide permanent relief of symptoms. If you’re continuing to experience any residual pain from your car accident even if you’ve been to other chiropractors and medical physicians you may need to be evaluated by a chiropractor who specializes in finding the underlying cause of chronic pain due to auto accidents that will not heal.

 Dr. Abel Rodriguez specializes in uncovering the underlying cause of chronic pain and inflammation that follows auto accidents. If your pain from auto accidents continues beyond six weeks there is an underlying cause that must be uncovered and corrected in order for you to fully heal.

If you are tired of drugs, ineffective physical therapy or even routine chiropractic spinal adjustments that are not relieving you of your pain call La Quinta car accident Chiropractor Dr. Abel Rodriguez for your free consultation to discover the reason that you are not healing and get your health and life back to normal.


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