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La Quinta, CA Chirorpactor For Sciatica

If you have sciatica then you are experiencing one of the most painful musculoskeletal conditions that person could have. Sciatica involves pain radiating down the back of the leg from the buttock to as low as the foot. Sciatic pain can be anything from a mild ache to one of a hot poker painful burning feeling.

La Quinta, CA Chiropractor For Sciatica

Sciatica is usually considered to be caused by a “Pinched” nerve in the low back which is why most doctors treat the low back in order to provide relief. Many people get treated by Chiropractors, Physicians, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, etc. all with limited success.

Dr. Rodriguez uses a combined approach of Chiropractic along with kinesiological muscle testing to identify the actual cause of the Sciatica and will identify the correct way of eliminating the cause allowing the body to finally heal and eliminate the pain. Dr. Rodriguez is certified in Applied Kinesiology as well which in conjunction with Chiropractic, will allow him to correct the actual cause of the Sciatic pain without having to continually come back for weekly treatments for life.

If you’re tried of the repetition and ready to improve your quality of life, Dr. Rodriguez is now accepting new sciatica patients in his La Quinta, California office. Real pain relief is just a phone call away.


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