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Neck Pain Treatment La Quinta

Neck pain is the second most common complaint treated by chiropractors, it is literally a pain in the neck. Neck pain can be caused by many factors such as inflammation, arthritis, herniated disc, muscle or ligament disease. Typical treatments for neck pain in La Quinta are usually aimed at providing some temporary relief of pain which include can consist of physical therapy and spinal manipulation. Although these forms of treatment can be helpful and can provide some relief of pain they are usually only temporary fixes requiring patients to return for periodic treatments referred to as “maintenance” for potentially months or even years because most Chiropractors are not usually trained to identify the real cause of neck pain.

Neck Pain Treatment In La Quinta, CA

Dr. Abel Rodriguez is a certified Applied Kinesiologists who specializes in Chiropractic, muscle testing, he is also the author of “Energy Healing Unlocked” which when coupled with Kinesiological muscle testing he is able to identify the exact cause of a persons neck chronic pain. Using this specialized muscle testing procedure, that he has developed, he is also able to correct the real cause of a persons neck pain. Without correcting the real cause of neck pain people are usually stuck in a merry-go-round endless therapy nightmare. Your neck pain treatment is not far away!

If you are tired of neck pain and you are looking for real answers and long lasting to permanent relief, call La Quinta neck pain Chiropractor Dr. Abel Rodriguez for your free evaluation and demonstration to determine the real cause of your neck pain and how it can be corrected. 


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