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Scoliosis Chiropractor La Quinta, CA

Scoliosis is defined as an abnormal curve of the spine which for most people is usually painless, but if the scoliosis is severe enough it can produce spinal pain and disability. Most cases of scoliosis are caused by ligament and muscular weakness and imbalance which leads to improper support the spinal column.

Picture a very tall radio tower with guide wires pulling tightly on all sides keeping the tower erect, if some of the wires were to snap off the  it tower would most likely tilt toward the side of the unsnapped wires because it would be the stronger side. Something very similar is happening with the spine leading to scoliosis when there is muscle weakening.

Scoliosis Chiropractor In La Quinta, CA

Dr. Abel Rodriguez is a scoliosis Chiropractor in La Quinta, Kinesiology specialist and a world renowned author who has spent many yearsidentifying the reason spinal muscles fail to function properly resulting in scoliosis. Once the exact weak muscles are discovered, Dr. Rodriguez then identifies the cause of the muscle weakening and after making the proper correction the body is finally able to heal itself which then leads to proper muscle balancing.

If you are tired of spinal pain and you want answers as to the real cause of your pain and your scoliosis make an appointment today with Dr. Abel Rodriguez in La Quinta, CA for your free scoliosis relief consultation. Find out the real cause of your scoliosis pain, not excuses!


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