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La Quinta, CA Low Back PainDo you live in the La Quinta, CA area and are fed up and tired of lower back pain? So was I until I as a Chiropractor, who had suffered from low back pain for most of my life, finally discovered the real cause of low back pain. Since discovering the cause of this debilitating condition my approach to treating patients has completely shifted from one of temporary relief, as taught in Chiropractic Colleges, to one of real correction. 

La Quinta, CA Chiropractor For Lower Back Pain

My approach to eliminating the low back pain and correcting the real “cause” of lower back pain is to do a through examination of my patients low back and once the cause has been identified I then proceed to realign any misaligned vertebrae without twisting the neck or back. I then apply all necessary therapeutic modalities needed for that specific patient to help heal the muscles and ligaments. 

Lastly, after determining the exact real cause of the low back pain I then make the proper correction to eliminate the cause in order to affect lasting healing. Lower back pain is always a symptom or an effect of something else that is dysfunctioning in the body and once that cause is identified and corrected proper healing will finally take place.

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