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Vertigo treatment La Quinta, CA

Vertigo is the medical term for dizziness which in itself tells you or your doctor nothing other than the fact that you are dizzy. Since the inner ear houses the equilibrium mechanism for balance a commonly accepted belief is that dizziness is due to an inner ear infection or a problem with the tiny bits of ear sand (otoliths) that sit on top of tiny hair cells in the ear which together send the proper signals to your nervous system in order to maintain proper equilibrium.

Vertigo Treatment In La Quinta, CA

Dizziness due to an inner ear problem is a definite possible cause of dizziness but it is more commonly caused by improper signaling from other body structures such as a misaligned vertebra, jaw problems, misaligned feet, etc. These other structural misalignments cause dizziness because they send improper signals to the brain making the brain believe that you are performing a particular body movement when in fact you are performing a totally different body movement, and as a result the body gets confused and it can no longer maintain balance. Vertigo treatment is the only solution.

Dr. Abel Rodriguez is a world renowned expert in not only discovering the exact cause of the vertigo but also in correcting the cause which then allows the body to right itself and eliminate the dizziness. By his unique methods of vertigo detection he is also able to correct the cause of the inner ear dysfunction should that be the cause of the dizziness.

 If you are sick and tired of your dizziness and getting nowhere with drugs make an appointment today with Dr. Abel Rodriguez for a free La Quinta, CA vertigo treatment consultation and find out what the real cause of your vertigo is and what can be done to correct the cause. Insurance accepted.


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