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TMJ Treatment La Quinta, CA

Jaw pain, jaw clicking or teeth clenching, better known as TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) syndrome is one of the most painful conditions to experience and one of the most difficult to treat. TMJ is responsible for creating conditions such as headaches, neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, ringing of the ears, dizziness… the list goes on and on!

TMJ Treatment In La Quinta, CA

What creates TMJ? Abnormal reflexes in the muscles of the jaw called “Trigger Points” cause muscles in the jaw to pull abnormally to one side resulting in an abnormal alignment leading to pain and clicking while chewing.

Mouth guards are commonly prescribed by dentists in order to help keep the jaw aligned, these are very uncomfortable and do nothing to correct the jaw problem. Since abnormal trigger points are the immediate cause of TMJ, removal of the trigger points is essential in order to allow healing to finally take place. All of this without having to pay for expensive devices or treatments. With natural and effective TMJ treatment from Dr. Rodriguez there will be:

  • No splints
  • No prostodonics
  • No mouth guards
  • No medication
  • No Botox
  • No stretching
  • No biofeedback

Dr. Abel Rodriguez, chiropractor in La Quinta, CA is a world renowned specialist who by use of Chiropractic and Kinesiological muscle testing can identify the cause of the “trigger points” and eliminate them using a revolutionary technique developed by him which will finally allow the jaw to heal. If you’re sick of the pain and are ready for TMJ treatment that actually, works, schedule an appointment today. Insurance accepted. 


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